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My Dad

I have a dad, a college student’s dad, a dry chicken Dad in this regard, he is not afraid of dirty, tired of working.

He was born in a rural area, and family is very poor, Grandpa is not for him to read, but he was also carryinga wooden, containing a few clothes, he took a little bit of money to go to Jinhua to study, first and secondgrade has always been full since he read. In he graduated yihou, to has a field worked, later, participate in has a interview, dad he qualified has, is he can to Japan to work, this on dad he for but a is good of opportunities, he for learn has three a also is eight months of Japanese, prepared Shang aircraft of when, Director is happy to sent he Shang aircraft, but Deputy Director on he is jealous, for he do of a documents not do, makes he cannot to Japan to, dad he for is angry, resigned go has, later raised Pearl lost has many money, Then find a place to live now start raising chickens. Starting father himself with all the wood up thechicken cages, then ever-larger, became so big for us, keeping ants also lost a lot of money in the middle.
He was a college student, a college student to come to a remote place to raise chickens really incredible. Butit is after all the facts, this is my father, he carefully worked for results, but Dad, he is not satisfied with thestatus quo, to harder climbs higher on the mountain.
So, he wants to create brand, to improved better cages, more high-tech equipment to better and more high-tech and brand but also better and more high-tech.
This is my dad, he loved farming, he dedicated for farming.
A college student pursuing life value and life just like he loves his profession, the line for their dedication. In fact, it’s not light but students ‘ life value and life, whoever it is, it is his basic life value and life.

This month work

This month’s major work in the following areas: first, presided over the edited and published the second part of the student village-official newspaper, Xin, college students village officer monthly summary. Xin County phase II of the student village-official theme is “promoting year” activity village official service commitment. I spoke with Di Yanyan, Xu Hua and other colleagues at the beginning of the second issue of the newspaper was proof-reading, editing, publishing, and finally got the lead, and also learn a lot of knowledge. Second, took part in the County of distance education learning training. Through three days of training, I have knowledge of distance education has deep understanding. I learned all kinds of equipment installation, commissioning and receiving necessary link for the college students village officer service years of distance education this year has laid a solid foundation. Third, assisting the Office of distance education webmaster Song Peipei to Agency-wide distance education administrators conducted a study and training activities. This training, we personally invited Zhang Shuxian, Director lectures. Director Jane out of the way, vivid as we, as well as all of the administrators on the computer, distance education and other related knowledge, serious answers to questions raised by the participants, as well as problems in the operation. Through this training, not only makes the Rangers learned many did not know, do not know about knowledge, also trained their computers download course ware, distance education received, interest and enthusiasm. Four, village of self-examination on distance education services and repair. Zhang Shuxian, Director, distance education webmaster Song Peipei, and with the help of college students village officer colleagues, we completed a yue village facilities maintenance work in distance education, truly bringing the mountain village to the “three networks into” goal. Five, took part in neighbourhood organizations learn the scientific Exhibition view quiz. Game rules in the village as a unit to take mandatory, Rob answers, scenarios such as forms, on behalf of the village actively competing to achieve good results. Six, to help us distance education webmaster at 32 sites for self-examination and overhaul. Later in the month, in order to meet the city’s inspection activities in distance education, our community-route Division units, comprehensive diagnostic self every day to a few village, mainly to see the preservation condition of the equipment and the operation of equipment, on a variety of records in detail the problems one by one. By combining, the Office has taken various measures is equipped with a number of new equipment, and the installation and commissioning. Through this comprehensive self-examination and overhaul, Agency-wide distance education facilities, “three net House” have been greatly improved. Seven, other, real village this month 18 days, village 7 days distance education services, assists the work of the Organization in the street for the remainder; opening a personal blog and upload photos 11; once prepared and took part in civil service examinations, Shandong province.


Holiday, we’d drive to the tourist because of the heavy fog could not see, like a dark figure in front came,we thought the robber. Later learned it was a strong female college students, she emerges from the fog infront of us.

We hadn’t expected this morning fog, the fog was fluttering like milk, and filled the whole earth, mountains also appears in the distance perched precariously, as if by fog-soaked as to fall. Reminds me of Xinjiang said one of the students in our school, in Xinjiang’s deserts, and anyone with any shoot took this photo is beautiful. I can imagine how beautiful he said desert view, but I think a photo should be accessible to all took place, according to what everyone says can’t act out. That strength of female students walked out of the fog of time, first thing I see is she’s been fog-soaked hair and I’m a little surprised, her hair all wet like that, definitely stayed up all night in the wilderness. She came up to us, I only see with your left hand holding her right hand, and pained expression on his face. We got out of the car, pick out painkillers, but didn’t expect her to shake her head, saying only that she can ride. She got in the car, came in looking tired and weak voice told us that she was … … College students to participate in social practice in rural areas, had an accident while on his way back to school, the school helped her buy insurance in an insurance company, and now do not need treatment, after school has negotiated with insurance companies, such as insurance premiums, to the designated hospital to treat. Along the way she holds his right hand with his left hand. Later, Lu top, we found a piece of hard Board and of rope secured her right hand. Her right hand had serious fractures, if necessary, treated, not far from the car round the corner you can see a orthopedic clinic, the clinic’s medical condition is not so good, but the treatment is still ill fractures can be. Along the way we have repeatedly advised her, but she had declined.What surprised me is, without moans that she never made. Our car broke down on the way, in order to repair people are to move a big rock, driver and she stayed, driver to remove screws her sitting on the sidelines watching. When the driver when stepping the wrong tools, she hands the tool to another driver with his left hand. Fracture of the right hand is always resting on her lap. Her squatting on the side of keep with a left to the driver to hand tools, we carry out the stones sat back to watch. In her eyes, I saw her being quiet and strong. Car repair a full 3 or so, we sat there in the end few people are impatient, but she still looked very calm. When you see her demeanor, had quieted down, serious car repair.


We are on the road again, everybody has great attention to her calmly, it seems that her demeanor is themost rare and valuable. Along with the car, nobody saying a Word, as if sitting next to someone is not onlyher, but more people, with more of everything and everyone’s hearts collide, this feeling is also seen in thisera, but at this point, it’s even more awesome to a female college student. She is to participate in social practice, is still so strong after an injury, this is a nation of hope!

College student

On August 24, 1998, a special Memorial Service held in jiaxiang County, Shandong province in the Zhuang.Shen Chunling of the deceased was a 16-year-old girl, but she does enjoy the village funeral with thehighest specifications, and her three older brothers dressed as mother and mourners wearing mourning dress. In coffin Qian knelt not up, village young spontaneous to wearing Crape cry with for she off at—-however has who knows the died of girl actually and this family no any blood relationship, she just a even account are no of stepdaughter; in stepfather paralyzed, Pro mother home run Hou, she is brave to left has down, with weak of double shoulder supporting up has four a students brother!

In June 1994, Chun-ling’s mother lost her husband with Shen Chunling shenzhuang after walking fromfanzelongzhouji to jiaxiang County, Shandong province. Chun-Ling Shen Shuping’s stepfather was aCarpenter, his loyalty to be honest. Stepfather, Chou has more than 70 years old, has four under a dependent son. Oldest son Shen Jianguo XI ‘ an Jiaotong University in reading, three other sons in high school in the County. Despite the heavy family burden, but his stepfather has a superb carpentry, plusfamily thrift, life is worse off than ever. Yu Chunling mother of three who’s arrival, stepfather families areshowing great enthusiasm. Perhaps because none of the girls in the family’s sake, grandfather,grandmother, stepfather of Chun-ling, who loved and brothers are affectionately called her, Xiaoling thunk.Chun-Ling to his stepfather’s House, already through school age, but because of his father’s death, she outsat home. Stepfather knew without saying anything, took the money and went to school for her. Homealready had four kids to school, coupled with the Chun-ling, adds a burden on the shoulders of his step.Stepfather acknowledged slack time is often used with the town of construction team and earn some extra money, was able to cope with the family’s expenses.
Chun-Ling value this easy access to school, got a whole year while third-place in the first semester. In addition, she also bought some housework, free, helped brother to wash the dirty clothes, help stepfatherwood, see-saw, and stepfather told everyone he was praised: blessed in my life, knocking a good daughter!
However, the happy time fleeting, one of misfortune coming down from heaven.
1995, in early summer, stepfather in a construction teams fell from the third floor, paralyzed in bed. A beamfell, broke away economic sources for the whole family, and treat your stepfather to carry a heavy debt.Look paralyzed in bed sick father, brother Shen Jianjun pioneered dropout, father strongly disagreed,because soon, he and three college entrance examination, his grades were among the best in the whole school. Old three old four also called for dropping out, well stir up family burden.
Brothers strive not to let, stepfather in a quandary when Chun Ling raised his own dropping out, help his mother support the family. Step-dad was crying, Grandpa, Grandma kept wiping tears. Pinochet’s stepfathersaid: linger, Dad on you, your brother, read books all these years, it a shame to give up but you—
Three brothers also hold little sister by the hand, and in his father’s bed together make a promise: no matter who later admitted to a college kid sister of the debt to be repaid.
Can just spring out of the suffering mother cannot bear another disaster struck. Doctors told her husband islikely paralyzed in bed, she completely lost faith in this family, fear has provoked this heavy burden, decidedto take children away from home. Ren Chunling how to beg, how to discourage it, mother or stepfather was injured three months after leaving the home of distress. Mother was gone, the pillar of the family andbroken roots, Grandpa and Grandma all the tears, stepfather sighing and brothers are more afraid of fear ofunrest. Flying home was in tears. People in the village are also kind enough to soothe the spring:
“There are no do you have any relatives you back Fan Ze you Grandma’s House, or else, you will be forever!”Chun-ling is firmly shook his head:” no, I can’t leave, my mom gone I can’t leave the House again. ”Chun-Ling called brothers to bed his step, literally guarantee:” Dad, Niang went, the mother have no conscience;and I’m not leaving, I’m staying with you through this together, starting today, I am your daughter. ”Thisyear, Shen Chunling at the age of 12.
Chun-Ling said she took home all the farm work or housework, and real housewives for Sunrise, sunset andbreath, stretched over days for the whole family. Chun-Ling knew, the family wanted to be well, you firstneed to make stepfathers better, so in addition to busy farming, she never for a moment stoppedtreatment for his stepfather.
The summer of 1996 because of the hot weather, stepfather of sicker, Chun-ling, Jining city, decides to takehim to hospital for treatment. Settle things, she pulled the cart road. More than 80 kilometers of thejourney she took two days and one night, when you walk to your destination, her feet are blistered, swollenshoulder high. In the hospital in order to save costs, spring bike shed at the hospital to see the grandfatherthought she was blind beggar, times and kicked her out.
Chun-Ling had to tell the truth, the old man was deeply moved by, not only sleeping with her coachesplaced inside special found a mosquito net for her.
In the spring of intensive care, his stepfather’s condition has been stabilized, she took his stepfather wentback to their hometown. Just returned home to catch up with the wheat harvest. Brothers were in school,Grandma and Grandpa can only help with cooking or bundle of wheat, more than 7 acres of wheat * springonly one man in the land. In order to harvest, good sleep for days in a row in the field, too tired to reallyhold up, groveled at Mai stomp on it and get some sleep, woke up and then cut.
Due to impatience, coupled with overtired, Chun-Ling got blisters on the mouth and feet and hands areworn out blood. She really has some support, but what about the remaining two acres of wheat? These arethe family’s ration is! She could not help but burst into tears in the wheat fields, crying attracted folks,everyone sympathetic to her, pitched in to help her cut out wheat. The hard wheat, in Exchange for thefamily’s food supply, two elder brothers also have a great harvest in the college entrance examination, hewas admitted to the Tongji University in Shanghai with honors. Holding her brother’s admission, Chun-Lingappear to have forgotten their own tired, happy dancing, shouting. Looks black, thin little sister, failed inthree geshenjianwen not to shed tears of sorrow, remorse and said: I’m sorry, little sister, and she had somuch hardship for us, but I do—-said, bursting into tears.
Chun-Ling panicked, pulled three elder brothers hand, advised: ”brother, failed this year, next year again,you keep your chin up! 」
Little sister Shen Jianwen are ashamed by what, say they will not repeat, stayed at home to help her sister.Chun-Ling refused, she cried and asked my third elder brother: my suffering involved is not to let you have a good school? Brothers promise, I promise, why can’t you work at all! Third brother has finally listened tohis sister persuaded, decided to repeat, two elder brothers to go to Shanghai instead of drawing near. 3000Yuan tuition pressure families out of breath.
Helpless when Chun-Ling came up with selling blood. Go to the blood bank for the first time, is too young,the doctor refused to second, lied about her age to be allowed to smoke a 200CC blood. When she got 400Yuan ”nutrition fee”, the scowl on his face did not disperse. She knows that the 400 Yuan for 3000 Yuan oftuition fees is not a drop in the bucket.
So she once again on the third day came to the blood bank. This time, the doctor said nothing to smoke.desperation, Chun-Ling told the doctor kneeling blood causes. Doctors long silence, sighed and said: OK,just this once, you can stop here; you are little body a long time. As the good doctor symbolically gave hera small amount of blood, and from their own pocket money, get 700 Yuan Chun-ling. Chun-Ling moved totears.
Back home, Chun-ling gave the money to the stepfather and stepfather asked where she came from somuch money. Chun-Ling lie was borrowed. Careful second brother from her pale face without a trace ofblood understood everything. He took little sister by the hand looking and pulled out of her pocket tworeceipts from selling blood, and family are stunned! However, the money is far from half of the tuition fees,and stepfather decided to sell the old House Foundation, grandparents also decided to get them ready toplay tho coffins of three large poplar trees to sell. Stepfather does not agree, two old men bent on saying:”Reiko was mad to let this family, what did we also want the coffin. 」
Throughout the family’s efforts to, erge and the third brother has managed to cobble together the tuition fees. In order to let brother Shen Jianjun thing to go to College, Chun-Ling several nights in a row withoutrest, Brother sewing new quilts and shoes. Before prison, spring and get two free at the station, she said:”brother, we were poor, but has the spirit, you must study hard, don’t worry about your family,
You also don’t suffer from already outside, in need of money while letters home saying I give you make arrangements. ”Shen Jianjun couldn’t resist his sister tightly in her arms, was moved to tears—-